Voxlink for projects

Brief explainer on how Voxlink can benefit your project.
Whether you're an NFT collection or a marketplace, security starts with you. Your organization should be the security ambassador and lead by example so everyone starts adopting the same mindset.
Here's what Voxlink simply consists of:
Allow your community to prove ownership by connecting their burner wallet without having to connect their main wallet.
After the minting process through the burner wallet has occurred, send the NFT directly to your holder's main wallet.
Important: If your smart contract is already deployed, you might not be able to integrate the ghost-minting feature. The users will have to send their NFTs from their burner wallet to their main wallet manually.
Please get in touch so that we can verify how your minting function looks like.

Benefits for your community

  • The main wallet containing their precious digital assets remains safe and untouched.
  • In the event of a burner wallet being compromised due to an unfortunate situation, the digital assets in the main wallet will be safe.
  • The process educates the user and spreads awareness on the versatility and importance of burner wallets.
  • Significantly reduces the chances of having a future security breach.
For detailed technical information, see the Implementation section.